Monday, January 10, 2011

Whats for dinner?

I really wish I could claim all the great ideas I post on my blog,from cooking to homeschooling,almost all of it comes from great blogger friends who have made my life alot easier =)
This recipe I give all the credit to Tricia from Once A Month Mom.Here is the link for this great recipe Chicken Cobbler Casserole.My whole family loved it! You should try it, then send her a comment =)

Welcome Aboard!!

Back on November 27th I was suspicious about being preggo again.So of course I run to Walgreens to purchase an overly priced pregnancy test.Get home to do one of the things I hate to do most,pee on a stick.Why do they make it so small,where you almost hit your hands every time?Anyways, after all of that I have to wait 2min. to find out the results,UGGHHH!!!!,


What??????? I had all the signs,sleepy,cranky,flue like symptoms,tender areas ;-)NO PERIOD.

I didn't understand.Something was wrong I thought.Three days later here it comes,not the usual though.Whatever I just noted it in my book.

So here we are over a month later and no period again!So I run to Walgreens AGAIN.This time I bought 2 tests for the price of one.YEAH!! Made me feel a little better.Until I remembered what I had to do with them.:-( Not my favorite part remember?

So I tried not to hit my hand this time........phew,missed. I didn't have to wait that long for the results,this time though I took the 2nd one the next day to make sure it was POSITIVE!!!!

Yeah we are having baby #5. I am just going to have to wait to have the Dr. tell me if I am 5wks or 10wks.Oh well as long as everything goes well.I guess I will be having a lot to blog about this year =)What a great New Years present!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

We will start with BigV.Here he is pretending I can't see him =) Peek-A-Boo
Middle J is looking really busy doing his Abeka worksheet. Good Boy :-)

Little LJ is working his fine motor skills by placing paper clips in a tack....
....then taking it off....then putting it back on.He loves it and it keeps him busy for a while while I teach ;-)
Here is Princess D writing letter S in a salt tray.

We purchased our PreK curriculum from Erica over at Confessions of a Homeschooler.That was one of my better decisions ;-) Here are some of those pictures.

Snowman size sorting.

And this is a snowman lacing card that I laminated.

We use the Leapfrog Phonics fridge magnets for part of our phonics."S says sssss,S says ssss,every letter makes a sound,S says ssssssss. Ha!Ha!Ha!Some times that can really get to ya.

Looking good.Hopefully we stay on track the rest of the year!!!!What do you think?